English information

If you are a foreigner and don’t read danish, we’ll try to sum up the basics of the website here:

We’re Planum and we hope to share our love and passion for dance with you! You can see the timetable here (link til program) and book classes here (link til Klubmodul)

We don’t offer drop-in classes, but you can book a trial class for 225,- DKK. This will be deducted if you register for a class after.
Prices will be updated every month, so you can sign up at any time during the seasons. We have two seasons: January to may, and august to December. You pay for one season at the time. If you’re just visiting Denmark for a shorter period you can contact us on e-mail, Facebook or Instagram.

The teachers teach in Danish, but they are glad to answer in English! Many non-danish speaking choose Planum, and you are broadly welcome!

You choose a class and sign up for one season at a time.